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3/1/2021 0 Comments The rugged looking, Catalina Mountains.   The trail is easy to follow, as always but also as rugged as ever.  The area has of course been impacted by the fire but in many places, unaffected. A blackened ocotillo  still stands in front of a stark landscape. We reach a set of pools […]

19 UCI rules you might not know about

The UCI’s recent super tuck and forearm-on-bars areo position bans have put the organization’s rules and regulations into the spotlight as of late. RELATED: Pro cyclists react to the UCI’s super tuck ban The new position rules are part of the UCI’s effort to increase security measures at races, which include more barrier regulations and […]

Crowdfunded Superstrata 3D printed bike that raised £5 million on Indiegogo leaves backers disappointed

How is life as one of the 4559 backers of “the world’s first made-to-measure 3D-printed bicycle with an impact-resistant unibody carbon-fibre frame” that launched on the crowdfunding Indiegogo website last year? From the looks of the comments section on Superstrata’s Indiegogo page, not so great… most backers are currently bikeless, and the bike that is […]

Low traffic neighbourhoods in London are not mainly introduced in more affluent areas, researchers find

New research into recently installed low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in London shows that contrary to one of the chief arguments deployed by opponents of such schemes, which are aimed at curbing traffic in residential areas, they are not implemented primarily in wealthier areas, thereby displacing motor vehicles to less affluent ones. > Hackney anti-LTN group fails to […]

Sprinters and Grand Tours – What Does it Take?

For sprinters in Grand Tours, it’s a polarized world to the extreme. Suffer and survive the mountains in the hopes of sprint stage glory. What does it take for a world-class sprinter to tackle the Tour de France? [embedded content]On-board with Marcel Kittel Hidden Camera A lot of the intrigue of stage racing comes in […]

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