Can your electronic device run Zwift?

Zwift is, at its core, a video game. You might have a bit of trouble running it on your older computer, but there’s a chance that you have some type of electronic device that can handle the app. You have more options than you think—here are the Zwift compatible devices. 1. Computer The basics: To […]

The Snow Stayed a Couple Hundred Feet Above

1/26/2021 0 Comments Sunday evening, it’s raining and the snow line is creeping down the mountains.  Went for a quick hike Monday prior to another round of precipitation and colder air moving in.  Tuesday morning….. …..I was relieved that the snow line stayed above Oro Valley.  It’s close but missed us by a couple hundred […]

Fasted Riding? Fad or Fact?

Having spent my time as an undergraduate studying biochemistry and human metabolism, I found the idea of fasted training an interesting topic and it remains one of my favorite training tactics nearly 4 years later. What is it and is it right for you? Coffee, no food for breakfast In this article, I will review […]

Tricks for taking better photos of your bike

You spend enough time with your bike that it definitely deserves some space in your phone’s photo album. When you’ve recently cleaned it or upgraded a component, or even just when you’re feeling particularly attached to it, you may feel compelled to stage a nice photoshoot for your inanimate best friend. Nick Iwanyshyn is a professional […]

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