5 excuses cyclists make when they get dropped

Riding with friends is all well and good, but sometimes your legs just don’t do what they’re supposed to when the ride gets harder than expected. On a particularly spicy part of the route, you fall off the wheel in front of you but you push to get back on. You’re right there—literally so close—but slowly the group gets farther and farther away. You awkwardly call out and hope that someones notices and communicates that you got dropped (a conversation you’d rather not hear).

As you rejoin the group, it’s time for your official statement on Why You Got Dropped. Here are a few true and tested excuses that will incite a nod of understanding from the riders around you.

1. You did a hard ride in the past few days

Those intervals on Thursday really took their toll on you and you’re still not at 100 per cent today. You’ve already mentioned that a few times during the ride, so people are aware of the state of your legs and won’t be surprised when you struggle up that hill (“my glutes are really feeling Thursday’s workout”)

2. Brake rub? Low tire pressure?

“Something on my rear wheel feels weird,” you say with 70 per cent conviction. They offer to stop for you to check but you politely decline, “I’ll look at it at the light.” You find that your tire pressure is, in fact, perfect and your brakes are not rubbing.

3. Hangover and/or tired

Ouf, those two pilsners you had after dinner last night really hit you hard this morning. “had a bit of a late night yesterday,” you mumble as you catch your breath, “not as young as we used to be, eh!”

4. Stomach ache

Your breakfast/last night’s supper was too big or too small—either way it is definitely not helping push out the watts today. This excuse is particularly good as it takes the attention off of you and gives everyone a chance to talk about(/argue about) what they think is the perfect cycling breakfast.

5. The combo excuse

You weren’t able to clip in right away after the light, hit a pothole and thought you had a flat, fell back a bit to make sure that other rider wasn’t getting dropped, started drinking water right as the group sped up and got a bug in your eye. It was just an unfortunate series of events, really.

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Credits : cyclingmagazine.ca

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