The Weather is Changing

1/18/2021 0 Comments BGE Amy, sent me the above image of “flying saucer” type clouds that have arrived ahead of a low pressure system that is forecast to bring us rain over several days.  That means the Hairpin Canyon hike for this Saturday will likely have a good flow of water for our bouldering adventure. […]

‘Critical milestone’ reached in developing bicycle-to-vehicle communication standard to increase rider safety

The development of a bicycle-to-vehicle (B2V) communication standard, aimed at making roads safer for vulnerable road users including cyclists, pedestrians and scooter riders by alerting drivers and their vehicles to their presence, has reached what has been described as a “critical milestone,” with a number of firms including leading companies in the automotive and cycling industries […]

Cycling the Highlands of Scotland: Q&A with Adam Wurf

Scotland is famed for its awe-inspiring landscapes – and no region of Scotland captures the imagination like the Scottish Highlands. Find yourself daydreaming of cycling the Highlands and you’ll no doubt be conjuring up images of heather moorland, craggy peaks and glittering expanses of water. And with those kinds of mental images, you won’t be […]

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