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10/7/2020 0 Comments Looking down on “The Cleaver” as it casts a shadow.  Its southeast side was consumed by the Bighorn Fire as were the areas around it.  The temps are dropping and all day hiking possible which opens up lots and lots of opportunities. More to come on today’s hike to Pusch Peak. Let’s […]

Rider breaks back in freak Giro d'Italia crash as helicopter blows barriers across road

Italian UCI Professional Continental team Vini Zabu-KTM has confirmed that its rider Luca Wackermann sustained injuries including a broken back when he crashed at the end of yesterday’s Stage 4 of the Giro d’Italia after barriers were blown across the road, apparently due to the downdraft from a helicopter taking aerial shots of the sprint. […]

Crankbrothers F15 multi-tool

The Crankbrothers F15 multi-toool is a stylish, neatly-executed 15 function unit that caters to most emergency tune ups and repairs. However, despite the obvious charm and some nice touches, there’s a sense you’re paying as much for form as function. The SCM435 stainless steel tools are flanked by machined, 6063-T5 aluminium plates, and the whole […]

Near Miss of the Day 477: Yellow taxi driver in close pass (video includes swearing)

The latest video in our Near Miss of the Day series comes from reader who decided to invest in Cycliq cameras for his bike last Christmas following a succession of close calls. “Within three weeks of using them, I had four close pass incidents, two of which I did not report as I viewed them as unintentional,” Scott told […]

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