Ask Oli: Accepting Autumn as a Roadie

It’s colder. It’s grey. It smells like moist, fallen leaves, and it’s dark when you wake up and long before you go to bed. There’s a chill in the air. For some, it smells like cyclocross. For them the stoke is high and they’re rejoicing. “Bring on the rain! Bring on the snow!” they say. […]

Ask Oli: Ending where it began

A return to my roots felt right. Closure is what was missing the last two times I quit. Though I know this still is not the end, and that I’ll line up again one day to throw some elbows, butt some heads, laugh and joke, and try to be the first across some line, I […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Cruiser Bike Riding Skill

Every bike rider wants to improve their riding skill gradually. The way you control your bike is the crucial part of a bike rider. Which purpose you are riding it does not matter. Experts always suggest starting riding with the essential tips. Some best bike controlling skills can make a comfortable feel during riding. Mostly, […]

Top 7 Gravel Riding Technique Tips

The crunch of the gravel under the wheels is the most appealing sound to an enthusiast biker. If you’re also finding it fascinating to go out and ride on the gravel, it can be tempting to resist yourself from riding gravel. It’s a nightmare for a biker to stay firm and keep riding on a […]

The Odd Shaped Cloud

7/7/2020 0 Comments I’m climbing via the Aqua Caliente trail.  Decided to get in one more hike before the drive to Flagstaff.  Beautiful view of the Catalinas. Great trail but I dislike climbing, then yielding that effort to drop into a ravine, climb again, drop into another ravine.  I prefer a constant climb. After about […]

On Top of Arizona

We  make the 4 hour drive to Flagstaff with a plan to climb Humphrey’s Peak, the high point in the state at 12,600′.  The timing of the trip was not random, had to choose a time when there is 0 chance of rain because up there, above the tree line, in a storm….yikes.   Of […]

The Humphreys Saga Continues

Amy and I continue our trek into the thin air above Flagstaff.  The trees are becoming scarce and not much higher, we climb above the tree line. We reach a saddle and in this exposed area, the wind is howling.  We seek shelter behind a rock wall while…. ….admiring the view.  This is looking, I […]

Turn the pedal: Coming back from COVID-19

Share this story No section of society is immune to the Coronavirus – including the athletic. Athletes unlucky enough to catch COVID-19 have had to deal with a serious and potentially life-threatening illness while being deprived of the athletic pursuits that are often core to their very existence and sense of wellbeing. Luckily the athletic […]

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