Best Places to Tour for Cycling Fanatics

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Cycling Tours That Will Take Your Breath Away
As every cycling fanatic knows, cycling offers travellers a true sense of freedom and adventure. Two-wheelers get to discover the magic of a city or rural area in a way that isn’t possible for four-wheelers. With the sun on your face, the wind at you back, and friendly locals waving you on your way, a cycling tour is no ordinary road trip. There’s beauty to be found wherever you go on a bicycle, but the tours we’re about to highlight are a little bit special and shouldn’t be missed.

The Danube Bike Path, Austria
The Danube bike path takes you from the town of Passau all the way to the vibrant and historic city of Vienna. This route is one of the most popular biking routes in Europe, and its not hard to see why. Along the way, you’ll pass through gorgeous little villages, where you can sample local delicacies. You’ll wind your way through the Wachau wine region, marvel at the stunning scenery of the Danube valley, and drink in the culture.

This is a perfect tour for beginners, families, or solo travellers. The bike paths are easy on the legs and relatively free of traffic, and there are plenty of places to stop along the way for refreshment. You’ll find plenty of quaint little hotels and B&Bs along the way, where you can spend your evenings unwinding and giving your body a chance to rest and recharge. Take a good book, or play a few games at one of the no account casinos that you can find at

Medellín, Colombia
For the more adventurous biker, the countryside surrounding Medellín offers challenging rides coupled with breath-taking scenery. Medellín is approx. 5,000 ft above sea level, and once you’re out in the countryside, you’ll be cycling higher up into the hills. It’s hard going but reaching the highest point and finding yourself above the clouds is exhilarating. Once you start cruising back downhill, you’ll be better able to appreciate the lush surroundings, the babbling brooks and the peaceful atmosphere.

Vietnam is well-known for is cycling culture, which makes it the perfect country to explore on two wheels. It can get a little hectic in the bustling and vibrant cities. But if you can hold your nerve, you’ll be immersed in the beautiful and eclectic culture of Vietnam. Stunning temples, lively markets, and the tantalizing aromas of authentic street food – it’s a veritable feast for the sensations. And when you tire of the city and head out into the countryside, the landscapes that await you will leave you breathless. The 700 mile route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City is one of Asia’ most memorable rides. It will take along Vietnam’s mesmerizing coastline, dotted with white beaches, imposing rock formations and quaint villages.

The Bluegrass Region of Central Kentucky
North America boasts a wealth of wonderful bike routes. It’s not easy to single out just one ride. You can find cycle routes that will blow your mind in California, Wyoming, Utah, and New Jersey. We’ve gone with the Bluegrass Region of Central Kentucky because the cycle routes in the area are steeped in bourbon and surrounded by horses. It’s a heady combination. On the peaceful Lexington backroads, you’ll pass by some of the most famous horse farms in America, WinStar and Claiborne, and you’ll get the chance to come nose to nose with some of the most prized thoroughbreds in the world. If you plan your trip for September, you’ll be able to join the Bourbon Country Burn – a bourbon festival and bike tour all rolled into one!

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