An In-depth Guide to UK Cycle Insurance

More people are using their bikes to ride to work & school as well as for leisure and enjoyment. In addition the value of bicycles and accessories is increasing, this makes them more of a target to thieves. As bike ownership costs increase, the need for cycle insurance becomes more prevalent. Isn’t My Bike already […]

Extend your Bike’s Life…

Spending a lot of time on your bike helps create a very special bond. Bikes have become even more important during the pandemic, nothing transports you whilst making you healthier and clearing your head like a bike. The best way to maintain that special bond is to keep your machine running at its best. Keep […]

Summer Essentials

As spring turns into summer and weather becomes more reliably good (hopefully / fingers crossed), it is a good time to look at your cycling clothing. Is it starting to look a little bit worn? A bit shabby? or promoting a long since defunct racing team? Check out our summer kit essentials and we will […]

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