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A mighty saguaro, dead now as part of the destruction of the Bighorn fire.  I planned to hike to Romero Pools via the Romero Canyon trail.  There is a way to check activity on this trail through Strava and I saw there have been people who have been doing the hike.

Signage at the entrance stated the trail was closed.  A ranger, a couple of weeks ago, made some vague reference to liability concerns when I questioned him.  Seems odd to me that all trails in the Superstitions are open including the many miles through their equally devastating burn area.  Yet in the Catalinas, that considerable network of trails are mostly closed.

After a mile of hiking, I arrive at the point where signage restates the trail’s closure.  I planned to keep going and complete the hike but then…..

….whoa, a newly installed, heavy duty gate with barbed wire fencing.  The fence doesn’t extend so far that you can’t work your way around it.  What to do, what to do?  I suspect this is a show to protect the Park from liability issues from inexperienced hikers who get in over their heads.  I know the trail and terrain very well.  The burn has removed much of the ground cover and I could be spotted from a long distance.  I see a couple of volunteer rangers working about 1/4 mile away, I turn around.  

The trails that are open are simply flat and lame.  I encounter a nice family of 5, visiting from Louisiana.  They ask if this is the best Park in the area and I say, no, and give them several, better options

Finish with 4 miles.  Back on the bike for a couple of rides and then leading a group to the Narrows, in the Superstitions.

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Credits : Mark Cycling Blog

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