Girona’s pro cycling kit boutique:

We sell everything you could possibly imagine!

So top to bottom – helmets, glasses, lenses, skullcaps, base layers, jerseys (in different weights and weaves – so more aero ones, different lengths of sleeves etc). Then we’ve got jackets, gabbas, shorts and bib shorts with different kinds of chamois (or none at all). Then shoes and socks and shoe covers. And each thing comes in ten varieties!

It’s all super good quality and awesome for riding in because it’s at the cutting edge of cycling design. It’s the stuff that we mere mortals usually don’t get the chance to ride in, but when you do, you can really feel the difference.

I think when people start getting into cycling, they realise that the clothing and the kit are all quite important; that it actually makes a big difference if you have good quality kit. People know there’s a whole load of tradition and folklore of what you can wear and what you can’t wear and sock lengths and sunglasses outside or inside of helmet, straps, and all these kinds of things.

Cycling is a fairly unique culture – and what we’ve ended up with is quite a unique collection. We have lots of stuff that the pros get, which many people wouldn’t even know existed!

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