How to sell your bike (or bike parts) online

There’s never been a better time than now to sell your used bike (or bike parts). Ongoing supply shortages are showing no signs of letting up and, at the same time, there’s been a boom in new riders.

Selling in an online marketplace can be simple, if you make it easy. Here’s a quick guide to how to prep and post your bike online to sell.

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How to sell your bike (or bike parts) online

Spring Cleaning
Clean bikes look nicer.

Clean your bike

This should be a basic starting point. But, looking at various Buy/Sell groups, it is a step many people have decided to skip. Why take the time to clean something you’re selling? Other than simple politeness (would you rather buy a grungy, grease covered bike? Or a shiny clean one?) taking a little time to clean could help you sell your bike for a better price.

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Know any marketplace rules

If you’re selling in a Facebook marketplace or group, there are usually some rules or guidelines for how to list/sell your items. These are there to make it easier for everyone, buyers and sellers. Rules are usually pretty minimal, so they’re not hard to follow as long as you know to look for them. In most Facebook buy/sell groups, rules will be listed in either the “About” section or in a pinned post at the top of the page.

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Santa Cruz 5010

Details are key

When listing your bike, be sure to clearly show any important details. This makes it easier for any potential buyers, and should help keep buyer questions relevant. The more detail the better, if you have it. But there’s a few basic details that should be included. What details are important?

-Make / Brand
-Parts (drivetrain / suspension / wheels)
-Any damage / significant wear

If you’re selling parts, include as much detail as possible. There is an endless list of different “standards” for bikes out there (seatpost diameter and bar clamp diameter are two examples). Knowing which one your listing will help you connect with a buyer faster. For items like wheels, cranks and handlebars, adding relevant sizing information (width/length/wheel diameter) is helpful too.

2021 Trek Émonda SLR 7
2021 Trek Émonda SLR 7 Image: Nick Iwanyshyn


Good photos make it easier to sell your bike, but they don’t have to be fancy. Keep it simple. The goal is to clearly show what you’re trying to sell. A simple driveside portrait – like the one of that Trek Emonda above – is great. Adding close-ups of the drivetrain, wheels, and any damage to the frame or parts will help.

If you want to take better pictures of your bike, or help taking basic photos, pro photographer Nick Iwanyshyn shared his list of tips and tricks with Canadian Cycling Magazine here.

Be patient, be polite

Bikes are fun toys and great tools for commuting. Buying (or selling) one should be a fun, or at least pleasant experience. You may get a whole bunch of questions about your listing. You don’t have to spend a ton of time answering every questions, but you can also be direct without being rude.

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