Infrastructure firm are trialling e-cargo bikes to deliver tools and equipment

When infrastructure firm FM Conway were looking to transport building materials around London in a more eco-friendly way, Senior Contract Manager Adam Barnes admitted he was “a little bit hesitant” about electric cargo bikes at first… but after a few practice laps on the front-loading machines capable of carrying loads of up to 250kg, he was convinced. 

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FM Conway’s motivation to turn to e-cargo bikes was primarily environmental, with some of their sites now displaying signs saying they are “reducing emissions by using cargo delivery bikes.”

Speaking to Construction Enquirer, Barnes said: “As soon as I got on the bike to do some practice laps of our yard in Southwark, I immediately realised the ease of riding with the use of the electric assist motor.

“As to be expected, you must be aware of the slightly larger frame, but the handling and engineering of the bike make it very user friendly. The ride itself really demonstrated the flexibility and capability of the bikes in terms of use for general logistics within the construction industry.

“Being on the ride has really given me a better perspective for the use of cargo bikes from both the view of the rider and the operational potential within the industry.” 

FM Conway e-cargo bikes

FM Conway e-cargo bikes. Michael Barratt, via Twitter

The bikes can carry loads of up to 250kg, and can carry various items such as sand bags, fittings and tools. GPS tracking is included on the bikes, as well as the electric assist. The trial being used to transport materials while FM Conway work on phase two of the Illuminated River project, which will see 14 of London’s bridges lit up to “transform nocturnal views of the city” on completion. FM Conway are currently working on Westminster Bridge, which is set to be completed by spring 2021. 

Barnes added: “I am now more motivated than ever to incorporate their use into our site logistics model within central London and further investigate their use in site operations in other areas of the business.”

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