Jet 9 RDO 2-Star Carbon Mountain Bike

Fit to take flight

With 120mm of trail-tuned CVA suspension, you’re cleared for takeoff.
Looking for a bike that ratchets up the fun factor but doesn’t bite back when there’s work to be done? Our playful JET 9 RDO is the ticket. With Niner’s [R]evolution geometry and 120mm of suspension travel, you’ll float up technical climbs, blast downhills, and fly smoothly over everything else.

Capability, meet versatility

When mountain bikers tell us they want one bike that does everything well, we steer them toward the JET 9 RDO. It’s our most popular mountain bike and it consistently earns accolades from media reviewers, everyday riders, and Niner athletes. By blending the best attributes of a dedicated cross-country bike with the suspension and geometry characteristics of a trail bike, we’ve made the most versatile bike we could imagine.

The JET 9 RDO is made to accept your choice of 29-er and 27.5-Plus wheels and tires. The frame geometry is made to manage both technical downhills and challenging climbs. And the suspension system is designed for a blend of efficiency and performance.

[R]Evolution geometry

Niner’s [R]Evolution geometry translates to modern trail manners when you need them most. The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of maneuverability to blast through chunder and slash corners. And of course, the slack, 67-degree front end and long wheelbase contribute stability and self-confidence when you’re dropping into the steepest lines. 

On the other hand, a steep 74-degree seat angle gets you centered over the BB for climbing. It’s paired nicely with the short 434mm chainstay length for better pedaling efficiency when you’re crawling up the steepest sections of trail.

CVA suspension

Niner’s Constantly Varying Arc, or CVA™, suspension design is a short dual-link, four-bar system unique to Niner, developed in house and patented. It’s built to be supple yet stable, controlling unwanted suspension movement with calibrated anti-squat, yet remaining active while climbing and descending. Courtesy of careful leverage ratio tuning, it’s sensitive to small bumps in the early stroke yet supportive in the mid-stroke, which gives riders a platform for pumping and popping off terrain. Going down, it’s consistent and controlled. With no need for heavy compression damping to control unwanted movement, CVA shocks are tuned for consistent, confidence inspiring behavior on descents.

CVA suspension is perfectly balanced, so the result is stable yet supple, active, ground-hugging traction in every situation – cranking uphill, ripping downhill, and everywhere in between.

RDO carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is common, but care, quality and attention to detail are not. Niner RDO carbon fiber is a cut above. We start with the best grades of raw carbon layered precisely according to the stress points on the frame structure. In construction, our process employs rigid internal molds and results in tighter, more consistent compaction of the carbon fabric. The result? Increased precision in wall thickness and reduced resin pooling in the final product. We can build more elaborate structures with better ride tuning, increased strength, outstanding durability, and less weight.

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