MT Zoom Ultralight Inline Carbon Seatpost review

At 148g, the MT Zoom Ultralight Inline Carbon Seatpost is probably the lightest seatpost we’ve ever tested. This narrow, 27.2mm version performed perfectly for our test, although the limit on how far it can be inserted means it won’t fit all frames.

In this version the Ultralight is 400mm long, which is pretty long and makes the weight even more impressive. The Ritchey Superlogic is also 148g, for instance, but only in the 300mm length – and it’s £240.

While truly exotic options from the likes of Schmolke can be as light as 100g, at €500+ you will need deep pockets. So to get this weight at under £100 is impressive.


It is available in three widths: 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm, each 400mm in length. There’s also a 25mm layback version.

They all come with a small tub of carbon paste, which is a nice plus, as anyone who has made the mistake of using normal grease will know… yes, I have been there and done that, and don’t wish to return.

The twin bolt design allows for micro-adjustment of the seat angle, although the front bolt can be a little awkward to reach with an allen key, and especially a torque wrench. Interestingly there is no maximum torque measurement given for the saddle clamp bolts: instead MT Zoom recommends you use “common sense” and “tighten them to the point where you feel confident nothing will slip.”


The clamp is suitable for use on carbon and metal rails, and also fits oval carbon rails.

One potential issue is that 19cm of the post must remain outside the frame. MT Zoom doesn’t say why, but we assume the carbon construction in this upper section is different and not up to resisting the crushing forces of the clamp.

This limit was very close to making it unsuitable for the chosen test bike, and actually did prevent me from using in another gravel frame. MT Zoom makes this issue clear, however (and the V1 version is still available with no maximum insertion limit), so it’s not a criticism. It’s just something to absolutely be aware of.


At £95 it is a lot of money for a seatpost, but for the weight it’s very good value. The Ritchey WCS Carbon Link Flexlogic, for instance, is £187 yet still heavier at 163g despite being only 350mm long. Even the Prime Primevera inline carbon post, which got an impressive 9/10 on, is 190g and £130.

The MT Zoom Ultralight Inline Carbon Seatpost is secure, well made and very light. If counting grams is your thing – and it works with the height of your frame – it’s an excellent, well-priced way to drop weight.

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