Le TOUR’19: Third Week Photo & Video Gallery

2019 Tour Photo and Video Gallery: We should now be watching the third week of the 2020 Tour de France, but Covid put an end to that. This time last year the French Grand Tour didn’t let us down with excitement and controversy in the final week. We’ve searched for some different views, plus some […]

Tifosi Aethon – Stylish and Affordable Shades

The current trend in cycling sunglasses is oversized… as in BIG. Indeed, many of the new offerings look more like ski goggles. This may work for the likes of Peter Sagan and Mathieu van der Poel (they are total badasses and can get away with wearing anything they want), but it’s not necessarily flattering on […]

How Did Helmets Evolve?

Whether you are looking for a helmet for your bicycle or motorcycle, there are countless options to choose from. If you want to compare the most interesting ones, there are plenty of reviews you can read online. Finding a helmet that meets your needs is not a problem nowadays and whether you are a professional […]

An In-depth Guide to UK Cycle Insurance

More people are using their bikes to ride to work & school as well as for leisure and enjoyment. In addition the value of bicycles and accessories is increasing, this makes them more of a target to thieves. As bike ownership costs increase, the need for cycle insurance becomes more prevalent. Isn’t My Bike already […]

The Bike Fit with Todd – Part Two

Bike fitting is the process of adjusting a bike for a cyclist to optimise their comfort, performance and efficiency. A Bike fit aims to prevent injuries, increase efficiency, comfort and improve performance for all cyclists. The Bike Fit – Part Two If you haven’t already read part one of the bike fit series, we recommend […]

Zwift Tour de France – Stage 3 & 4

During the first three weekends of July 2020, men’s and women’s professional races will be organised as part of virtual stages of the Tour de France. Continuing on from the major increase in cycling at home in recent months, cycling lovers from all over the world will also have a chance to ride the Virtual l’Étape […]

EUROTRASH News Round Up Monday!

Chris Froome’s future is now set, Cyrille Guimard and George Hincapie have their say – Top Story. Two more stage race reports from the Virtual Tour de France. So much other cycling news: Quintana and Kruijswijk talk Tour, Superprestige cross calendar, will Colombian riders fly? Soler and the Giro, Evenepoel for Lombardia, Movistar in Burgos, […]

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