Zwift announces new world: Makuri Islands

After teasing a new world for the past few days, Zwift, the virtual cycling platform, has announced its latest virtual travel destination: Makuri Islands. The new Zwift World will be composed of a number of maps—according to Zwift, the Makuri Islands are “primed for future expansion.” Yumezi The first map riders will be able to […]

70’s Road Star Wilfried Wesemael Gets PEZ’d!

70’s Rider Interview: Wilfried Wesemael was out of the tough Belgian school of bike riders who worked had for his team leaders, with some success of his own thrown in. Ed Hood caught up with the man from Aalst to chew over old times. The 70’s and early 80’s – great cars, great music, great […]

GIRO’21: The First Rest Day Rant!

Giro Rest Day Rant: As we hit the first rest day of the 2021 Giro d’Italia and so far the Italian Grand Tour has not disappointed. PEZ Grand Tour oracle Ed Hood has been glued to the TV screen, although he would rather be ‘Roadside’, to give us his thoughts on the race so far. […]

Keeping Strong With Strength DURING Riding Season

TOOLBOX: As the summertime rolls in many cyclists are dropping strength training to get more time in on the bike. However, if you’re looking to ensure that you haven’t wasted your time this winter strength training, this is the LAST thing you should be doing. As more cyclists have hit the weights the last few […]

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