Council has “no intention to enforce” parking restrictions in segregated cycle lane where cars are parked bumper to bumper

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Catalina State Park Hike

1/13/2021 0 Comments A mighty saguaro, dead now as part of the destruction of the Bighorn fire.  I planned to hike to Romero Pools via the Romero Canyon trail.  There is a way to check activity on this trail through Strava and I saw there have been people who have been doing the hike. Signage […]

Gumwall tires for every occasion

For a number of years now gumwall tires have been one of the more popular cycling aesthetic trends. The tires (often referred to as skinwalls, though, technically some will say there is a distinction between the two) give bikes a classic and classy. Traditionally, gumwalls were known for having lower rolling resistance and a suppler […]

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