Passport Lug-Kage fork rack review

The Passport Lug-Kage is a three-bolt bikepacking fork rack a fork that’s light, simple and very handy. The velcro straps might not be the best, but at this price its hard to grumble.​

The Lug-Kage fits the Anything mounts that are becoming increasingly popular on gravel and adventure bikes.

The cage is made from 6mm alloy and has a 3kg maximum weight limit – less than what you might consider carrying on touring pannier racks, but given the style of riding and bikes these style of 3-bolt fittings are usually fitted to, it is likely to be sufficient for most.

The Lug-Kage’s shape is ideal for circular style items, stuff sacks or barrel bags, and the supported bottom area and front straps mean its secure.


Lug-Kage installed and used with Miss Grape Trunk bag

If there is one area that could be improved it’s the velcro straps supplied. While they do a decent job when new, with frequently use (especially in typically mud) their grip will degrade.

There are increasing numbers of similar cages available. Salsa offers several versions in both plastic and alloy tubing, but they are both over £30. The Blackburn Outpost is a similar design and a little cheaper too at £20, though it’s two bolt rather than three.

The Ortlieb Fork Pack is £50, but that gets you both a (quick release) mount and a waterproof bag – and it’s really impressive.

The Passport Lug-Kage is a solid, reasonably lightweight thing that gives the flexibility to fit all kinds of items or bags. The price is reasonable too, and while the Velcro straps might eventually lose grip, those are both easy and cheap to upgrade.

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