Review: PRO Stealth Sport saddle

PRO’s Stealth saddle line now comes in six slightly varying styles. I’ve been riding the classic PRO Stealth saddle for about a year on my road bike, so I was interested to test the Stealth Sport saddle, the $175 price point option of the Stealth lineup. The saddle lived up to my expectations, and would be a great option for a rider looking for a comfortable saddle who doesn’t mind a few extra grams.

Stealth shape

It’s easy to fall prey to frequency illusion when you are become aware of a particular piece of gear, but it truly feels like everyone I know has this saddle. What’s particularly interesting is that I see a very wide range of riders using it: smaller, bigger, a variety of genders and riding styles. Though PRO also makes an off-road specific, slightly more padded Stealth, I’ve also seen the classic Stealth on many gravel, cx and even mountain bikes.

Obviously saddles are a very personal preference—no one saddle will work for everyone—but this saddle seems to have a very wide appeal.  The snub-nosed seat was developed, in conjunction with the Giant-Alpecin team, for high-performance riding. Its broad nose dissipates soft tissue pressure and, combined with a wide cutout and shortened overall length, the saddle offers comfort in a variety of placement options. Riders have the ability to either perch closer to the nose of the saddle or farther towards the back—the freedom to choose or switch up your position is a big selling point.

I’ve had no complaints or saddle sores using the Stealth for everything from short and intense interval sessions in the drops to full day long-distance rides. It has lightweight EVA padding and its wide platform is sealed with a PU material to reduce friction with shorts and protect it from wear.

PRO Stealth Sport

The PRO Stealth Sport is the same shape and length as the Stealth Carbon (carbon rails) and Stealth (stainless-steel rails). As with the other Stealth saddles, the Sport’s base is made of carbon. The weight difference (206g for Stealth and 277g for Stealth Sport), comes from the Stealth Sport’s Chromoly rails.

The Stealth Sport is compatible with Pro’s range of rear attaching accessories, such as its camera mount, CO2 and race number mounts.

Pro offers the Stealth series in two widths: 142mm and 152mm. Using the little cardboard cutout PRO provides to help measure the placement of your old/new saddle, I put the 142mm Stealth Sport on my CX bike. I’m not typically bothered by small weight increases, but I’m even less concerned with anything off-road, so it seemed like the appropriate choice. The Stealth Sport felt good riding in the drops on the road, on trails and even on bumpier segments. It was hard for me to notice a difference between the Steal and the Stealth Sport.

At almost half the price of the PRO Stealth Superlight Saddle, the PRO Stealth Sport makes sense for those looking for an economically priced high-performance saddle with a comfortable but forward position.

The PRO Stealth Sport is $175 and available at your local PRO dealer. 

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