Zwift gets serious about steering functionality

Zwift is getting a little more realistic, as FutureWorks Steering is expanding across the entire Zwift universe. The latest update takes the steering function, which Zwift first tested in Fall 2019 on limited roads, and makes it more realistic. The update also includes improvements to Meetups, including the ability to join a ride late and […]

Review – Shift Up Custom Bike Thru-Axles

Thru-axles on bikes help to increase rigidity, strength, and performance compared to traditional quick-release axles. Thru-axles are becoming even more common on disc brake bikes because of the need for minimal flex in the hub area—to avoid disc rub. Recently though, I experienced a disconcerting and debilitating failure of a thru-axle. On a gravel ride, […]

Schwinn Central Commuter Bike Black 700c

If you want a high-performance but the best budget commuter bike, you can buy this Schwinn commuter bike without thinking twice. The frame and fork are highly reliable and can help you carry a massive load with ease. The high speed provides you with smooth riding, and the disc brakes ensure you 100% safety. Similarly, a long way […]

Review – Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light

There are some bicycle components that impress me straight out of the box—the Moon Nebula Rear Light is one such product. Beautifully made, with an impressive 200 lumen output, and an outstanding battery life; this is one of the best rear bicycle lights I have had on review to date. The Moon Nebula has a […]

Kit Review: Road Lightweight Jersey by Pearson Cycles

Road Lightweight Jersey: Greg Coulton Illustrates x Pearson 1860 – £120 Pearson Cycles have nailed it. They’ve delivered a stunner. In collaboration with renowned graphic artist Greg Coulton comes a jersey that is lightweight, racy, and happy to straddle the boundary between outrageous and understated. Outrageously understated, perhaps? Confident, is the word. Pearson, you see, […]

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