The best road shoes for 2021

by Gus Alexandropoulos Road shoes are an important piece of equipment: they connect your legs to the bike allowing you to transfer power. The perfect shoe for everyone is out there, but you might have to go through a few duds to find it. You’ll know you’ve found the right cycling shoe when you don’t […]

New bike: 3T Exploro RaceMax Boost launched

3T, the Italy-based company, has launched a new rig: the 3T Exploro RaceMax Boost. The frame is the same as the Exploro RaceMax, the speedy gravel racer which debuted in June 2020. The “Boost” part of the name indicates the power that resides inside the frame and hub: a pedal-assist system. This ebike uses what […]

Review: PRO Stealth Sport saddle

PRO’s Stealth saddle line now comes in six slightly varying styles. I’ve been riding the classic PRO Stealth saddle for about a year on my road bike, so I was interested to test the Stealth Sport saddle, the $175 price point option of the Stealth lineup. The saddle lived up to my expectations, and would […]

Oakley finally launches Kato sunglasses

The long-awaited Oakley Kato sunglasses, which feature a unique nose bridge design, have finally arrived. Since October last year fans with keen eyes will have spotted the unique Oakley Kato sunglasses on a number of pro cyclists. First seen on Chris Froome and Sam Bennett, the glasses are inspired by super heroes and definitely have […]

Review: Garmin Rally RS200 power meter pedals

Garmin recently released six new power meter pedals in its new ‘Rally’ collection. The new pedals come in Shimano SPD-SL road, Look Keo road and Shimano SPD mountain bike cleat styles, and offer advanced cycling dynamics and single or dual sided options. I tested the Rally RS200 SPD-SL pedals, which I was cautiously optimistic about. […]

The best weather apps for Canadian cyclists

Cyclists spend quite a bit more time than the general public staring at the hour-by-hour weather forecast. Whether it’s figuring out if they can ride after work or refreshing an app before bed (hoping that the rain will pass before an early morning ride), cyclists are always on the lookout for the most accurate meteorological […]

300% Stronger: Shimano Linkglide shifts focus to durability

Lighter isn’t always better. Shimano is shifting its focus to durability for the new Linkglide XT and Deore drivetrain. All of Shimano’s high-performance, weight-focused Hyperglide+ drivetrains remain. The new Linkglide options arrive in addition to Shimano’s existing offerings. What’s different? Well, Shimano says its Linkglide cassettes are a staggering 300 per cent more durable than […]

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