What are Gravel Bikes, Let us explain

Regardless of where your from you would have easy access to plenty of unpaved service roads or basic gravel that you could tackle on your roadie.  The problem is these surfaces wreak havoc with your standard roadie headset, wheels and can shake you into unconsciousness, and lets not even consider if you encounter a slightly […]

A Guide to Women’s Bikes; What Differentiates Women Bikes from Men Bikes?

Many manufacturers offer different bikes for men and women with some subtle variances to accommodate physiological differences between them. Although many women find unisex/men bikes perfectly suitable for their needs, many are looking for bikes with a more specialized design and female- specific features. Some key differentiating factors between unisex/men and women’s bikes include: Smaller […]

Sirrus X by Specialized

Sirrus X is your ticket to riding more, with a starting RRP price tag of $900 it’s ready to take you to places you never imagined possible. It’s a comfortable, capable, “let’s do stuff” kind of bike that will inspire you to ride more than you ever have before. With bigger, confidence inspiring tires, a […]

Winter Rides: OUTSIDE – Versus – ZWIFT

No single thing has effected the world of cycle training, in the last couple of years, as much as Zwift. It has transformed the way riders train indoors and has brought with prospect of training and racing with people from all over the world into a reality. Well, a sort of ‘reality’ anyway… We ask […]

Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive – Product Review

“The Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive has proved itself to be a user-friendly, versatile mini pump with multiple applications; with its innovative digital gauge this is a great addition to your riding kit.” Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive Mini Pump £53.99 We’ve been using the Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive mini pump for a while here at Merlin […]

Ridley Noah Fast – Feature Product

RIDLEY NOAH FAST AERO ROAD BIKE The Noah Fast is Ridley’s new top-level aero road model which has been designed and developed using their own state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility at Ridley HQ in Beringen, Belgium. Recently we were lucky enough to spend a day with the Ridley designers and engineers at their factory, visiting their […]

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