Heated socks changed my life

Everyone has one part of their body that gets cold first. For some its their ears, others its the hands. For me, it’s my feet. I don’t get particularly cold anywhere else, but riding my road bike at any temperature below 5 degrees I know it’s just a matter of time before I’ll be suffering. […]

The Maxxis High Road tire just got an update

Maxxis’ flagship High Road racing tire has been upgraded just in time for the new season. The original High Road was consistently one of the company’s best performing road tires. With the company’s second generation design, the tire has undergone a number of improvements. photo: Alonso Tal All specs of the High Road tire will […]

The best 2021 sports bras for any type of cyclist

As sports go cycling is pretty low impact. That’s good news for anyone with breasts, as most sports bra designs will work decently well for cyclists. Unsurprisingly in a male-dominated industry, most cycling apparel brands haven’t really dipped their toes in the sports bra game yet (though there are a few exceptions such as the […]

Review: Biemme Gavia jacket

The Biemme Gavia jacket is a winter jacket named after an infamous pass in the Italian Alps. The Gavia Pass is the tenth highest paved road in the Alps and divides the province of Sondrio to the north and the province of Brescia to the south. The pass is surrounded by numerous climbs which all […]

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