Gumwall tires for every occasion

For a number of years now gumwall tires have been one of the more popular cycling aesthetic trends. The tires (often referred to as skinwalls, though, technically some will say there is a distinction between the two) give bikes a classic and classy. Traditionally, gumwalls were known for having lower rolling resistance and a suppler […]

Behold: The ultimate bike build

We have finally reached the peak of the gravel/bikepacking/1x/touring bike builds. Well known Instagram user @bicyclepubes just posted his incredible build made in collaboration with custom bike builder Gustav Gullholm (@dangerholm). Dubbed DangerPubes, Bicyclepubes describes the bike as “The ultimate in backwoods bike-lo-pack technology.” Both accounts have been teasing the project since October, posting a […]

The basics of choosing fenders

Mucky and muddy roads are a major deterrent for anyone who wants to ride outside. As your wheels turn they spray up any loose mater that your ride over, covering your back, legs and face with unwanted road grime. That’s where fenders come in. Fenders, known as mudguards in some places, keep your body dry […]

Review: Peppermint Chalet Hybrid jacket and pants

Peppermint Cycling co.’s chalet collection is introduced as “the layering experience”. The Quebec-based women’s cycling clothing company designed these items as a breathable yet warm hybrid of winter exercise clothing and outdoor loungewear. I tested the Chalet Hybrid navy jacket and Chalet burgundy Hybrid pants. When I first got the items I wasn’t sure what […]

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