Slicy Custom XC – AM mudguard

The Slicy XC-AM Mudguard is the lightest and lowest-profile model in their range. The minimalist design works well, the ten designs are bold, and the graphics are completely customisable if you don’t like any of the stock ones. Also, if you suddenly feel you’ve made a terrible mistake, it’s fully recyclable…

The Slicy XC is made from recyclable polypropylene, and laser cut to shape. It’s a simple folded design that fits most forks with four well-positioned zip tie holes. It’s meant for all wheel sizes, and recommended for non-Boost forks and 2-2.3″ tyres. I tried it on Boost forks with 2.6 tyres, however, and it worked fine.

At around 13 cm by 22cm is gives decent coverage, and is only overwhelmed in really wet conditions. Even then, it resists deforming when full of thick, claggy mud, yet it’s bendy enough to cope with being hit or squashed in crashes, vans or sheds.

slicy custom xc am mudguard 2020 review side on.jpg

It’s dead easy to fit and secure once there, leaving plenty of clearance between tyre and crown. I can’t really find much fault in it – sure, there’s no real side coverage to protect your stanchions, but Slicy does bigger, heavier-duty guards that take care of that.

slicy custom xc am mudguard 2020 review front view.jpg

The custom option is pretty neat, and with the matching top cap, you can style away to your heart’s content.

The Slicy XC-AM Mudguard is a simple, neat and well-designed fender with striking looks. While coverage is minimal that’s the intention, and for its size and weight it’s very effective.

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