How a bicycle can change lives for young women

Share this story A few years back, I embarked on a journey of a lifetime when I cycled from London to Cape Town.  We travelled through deserts, over mountains, into tropical rainforest and across dry African savannah. with temperatures souring up to 50 degrees Celsius and rain so heavy that it’s filled a tea mug […]

Adventure Cycling: 11 Favourites

Share this story The inspiration for this blog came from a blog post of the founder of Apidura, Tori Fahey, who, similar to Yellow Jersey, has been a long-standing supporter of my adventures. In her blog ‘Quality Sells, Mediocrity Sales’ Tori explains why Apidura doesn’t jump on the Black Friday discount wagon: ‘The world does […]

The world’s longest triathlon

Share this story Ever felt tempted by an Ironman? How about 120 all joined together travelling around the world? For those of you who enjoy a bit of dot watching and need some adventure to live through vicariously, then you need to follow Jonas Deichmann. Some of you reading may remember that we supported Sean […]

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