Gumwall tires for every occasion

For a number of years now gumwall tires have been one of the more popular cycling aesthetic trends. The tires (often referred to as skinwalls, though, technically some will say there is a distinction between the two) give bikes a classic and classy. Traditionally, gumwalls were known for having lower rolling resistance and a suppler […]

Behold: The ultimate bike build

We have finally reached the peak of the gravel/bikepacking/1x/touring bike builds. Well known Instagram user @bicyclepubes just posted his incredible build made in collaboration with custom bike builder Gustav Gullholm (@dangerholm). Dubbed DangerPubes, Bicyclepubes describes the bike as “The ultimate in backwoods bike-lo-pack technology.” Both accounts have been teasing the project since October, posting a […]

Review: Factor Vista

by Molly Hurford The Factor Vista isn’t technically a gravel bike because it can only run tires as wide as 35 mm, but it’s also not merely a road bike. So, what the heck is it? The company refers to it as an “all-road” bike, which is a perfect descriptor. I took it on all […]

Review: Felt AR Advanced

In July, I took the Felt AR Advanced on one of my hilliest local routes. Previously, the bike had me cruising like a missile on flat courses, including a loop in a nearby industrial park great for hard efforts. But how would the bike fare on some inclines? The hills in my area are humble, […]

Review: No. 22 Drifter X

I know how wheels can transform a bike. Throughout the years, with various road-bike and wheel tests, I’ve experienced the change. By adding newer or better hoops, the whole bike can become more lively. Recently, with the rise of gravel bikes with wider wheel and tire options, there are more variables at play. I’ve experimented […]

Review: De Rosa Merak

“Is that a De Rosa?” shouted John. He’s the father of my daughter’s classmate. He and I had only chatted a handful of times, but has he saw me walking with my kid and the bike, he couldn’t help but blast his question from his porch while he was in the middle of getting his […]

Review: Giant Revolt Advanced 0

In spring, the Giant Revolt Advanced 0 became my freedom machine. I wish I could take credit for that phrase – freedom machine – but I first heard it used by cycling advocate and author Yvonne Bambrick. She used it for all bikes, which truly are freedom machines. The Revolt helped me find adventure when […]

Review: Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 Disc

When Greg Van Avermaet won the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal in 2019, he did so on a bike you weren’t really supposed to know about. The Olympic champ was riding a gold Giant TCR, which isn’t exactly subtle, but then again, neither is winning a WorldTour race. You then saw the bike, officially, this […]

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