Forza Italia! (Part 2)

The Giro D’Italia reaches its climax in Milan this weekend with two lancashire born riders in the top 5. We follow on from part 1 last week, as we continue to appreciate the volume and variety of bikes and associated products heralding from Italy. Aside from some outsourcing of manufacture, these companies are 100% Italian […]

Review: De Rosa Merak

“Is that a De Rosa?” shouted John. He’s the father of my daughter’s classmate. He and I had only chatted a handful of times, but has he saw me walking with my kid and the bike, he couldn’t help but blast his question from his porch while he was in the middle of getting his […]

Readers’ Rig: Scott’s 1989 De Rosa SLX

The late 80s was a time of Classic bikes and De Rosa was making some of the nicest examples of steel artistry. De Rosa frames were something special, Eddy Merckx rode them and Ugo De Rosa gave the Belgian star some lessons on the welding torch. Scott in Washington owns a fine example of De […]

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