Ronan McLaughlin Takes the Irish Everest Record!

Irish Everest Record: Last week we reported on the Canadian Everesting record, now it’s the turn of Ireland and Ronan McLaughlin. Ed Hood caught up with the man in the Emerald Isle after recorded a very good time of just over 8 hours for the 8,848 metres elevation, the fifth fastest in the World. Ronan […]

To the Limit: Jordan Cheyne Sets Canadian Everest Record

Canadian Everest Record: Some ideas just sound crazy – Everesting could well be one of them. But when Team Elevate-Webiplex pro Jordan Cheyne’s buddy, Braden Kersey, suggested going for the Canadian record… ‘Why the hell not?’ was the answer. Here is how the daring duo’s day went. Looking Up at Everest“Guardsman… no Empire Pass, yeah […]

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