Review: Biemme Gavia jacket

The Biemme Gavia jacket is a winter jacket named after an infamous pass in the Italian Alps. The Gavia Pass is the tenth highest paved road in the Alps and divides the province of Sondrio to the north and the province of Brescia to the south. The pass is surrounded by numerous climbs which all […]

The basics of choosing fenders

Mucky and muddy roads are a major deterrent for anyone who wants to ride outside. As your wheels turn they spray up any loose mater that your ride over, covering your back, legs and face with unwanted road grime. That’s where fenders come in. Fenders, known as mudguards in some places, keep your body dry […]

Review: Peppermint Chalet Hybrid jacket and pants

Peppermint Cycling co.’s chalet collection is introduced as “the layering experience”. The Quebec-based women’s cycling clothing company designed these items as a breathable yet warm hybrid of winter exercise clothing and outdoor loungewear. I tested the Chalet Hybrid navy jacket and Chalet burgundy Hybrid pants. When I first got the items I wasn’t sure what […]

Review: Castelli winter jacket and bibtights

It’s easy to get complacent in the Canadian winter, forgoing cold outdoor rides in exchange for monotonous virtual kilometres. I, like many, have been guilty of leaving my bike on the trainer for months while hiding from the dreary winter weather. But recently, in order to test some of Castelli’s winter gear, I forced myself […]

How to Marie Kondo your bike gear

by Molly Hurford If you’re a longtime cyclist, likely your gear closet looks like the site of an archaeological dig. If you go deep enough, there’s that jersey from the team you were on back in the ’90s, at least one tube that went f lat in 2003, T-shirts from every race you’ve ever done […]

A long spin with Ekar, Campagnolo’s new gravel groupset

Named after Mount Ekar, Campagnolo’s new gravel groupset was developed, tried and tested on this same mountain, a delightful playground that is conveniently situated just north of Vicenza, the home and birthplace of the brand. Since Campagnolo launched in 1933, the company has focused on high-end components that are well-suited to top-level road racing, despite […]

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