New Shimano S-Phyre RC902 shoes hit the road

The new Shimano S-Phyre RC902 shoes feature performance-oriented tweaks to the company’s top-tier kicks for road riders. The shoes first appeared in 2016 in their signature blue colour. The new line comes in blue, as well as black, red and white. There’s a women’s shoe in white, too. The S-Phyre RC902’s upper continues to feature […]

Review: Argon 18 Subito E-Road

The ride I had planned was ambitious. I was getting a little tired of the short routes I was doing around my home. It was early season. My fitness was OK, but I was itching for a longer ride, which would have to be solo. I wanted to get out of the city, cruise on […]

Cyclists: Stop using a neck gaiter as a masks

New research out of Duke University suggests that wearing a neck gaiter, neck warmer or buff as a mask might be worse than wearing no face covering at all. A recently published paper looked at 14 different masks, ranging from surgical masks to bandanas and fleece neck gaiters, all commonly used by people trying to […]

Zwift gets serious about steering functionality

Zwift is getting a little more realistic, as FutureWorks Steering is expanding across the entire Zwift universe. The latest update takes the steering function, which Zwift first tested in Fall 2019 on limited roads, and makes it more realistic. The update also includes improvements to Meetups, including the ability to join a ride late and […]

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