300% Stronger: Shimano Linkglide shifts focus to durability

Lighter isn’t always better. Shimano is shifting its focus to durability for the new Linkglide XT and Deore drivetrain. All of Shimano’s high-performance, weight-focused Hyperglide+ drivetrains remain. The new Linkglide options arrive in addition to Shimano’s existing offerings. What’s different? Well, Shimano says its Linkglide cassettes are a staggering 300 per cent more durable than […]

What to look for in a bar bag

Bar bags are having a moment in cycling. Once associated solely with gravel riders, bike packers and other not-strictly-road cycling formats, in 2021 the convenient and accessible storage methods are being sported by some of the most most traditionalist road cyclists out there. Even the pros are getting in on it—Wout van Aert recently posted a […]

Should your next wheelset be tubeless?

After years of promise, tubeless road – and gravel tires are gaining momentum. That means more riders are asking if their next wheelset should be tubless. This comes, of course, more than a decade after sealant became standard fare on mountain bikes. Road riding is steeped in tradition, though, and is slower on the uptake. […]

Review: Factor Vista

by Molly Hurford The Factor Vista isn’t technically a gravel bike because it can only run tires as wide as 35 mm, but it’s also not merely a road bike. So, what the heck is it? The company refers to it as an “all-road” bike, which is a perfect descriptor. I took it on all […]

Review: No. 22 Drifter X

I know how wheels can transform a bike. Throughout the years, with various road-bike and wheel tests, I’ve experienced the change. By adding newer or better hoops, the whole bike can become more lively. Recently, with the rise of gravel bikes with wider wheel and tire options, there are more variables at play. I’ve experimented […]

Review: Giant Revolt Advanced 0

In spring, the Giant Revolt Advanced 0 became my freedom machine. I wish I could take credit for that phrase – freedom machine – but I first heard it used by cycling advocate and author Yvonne Bambrick. She used it for all bikes, which truly are freedom machines. The Revolt helped me find adventure when […]

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