Make It Last!

Unfortunately, as you are no-doubt aware, bike parts are harder to find and cost more. Sadly, the knock-on affects from Brexit and the Covid19 Pandemic, aside from the horrendous human cost, looks to be ongoing disruption to global supply chains and a period of relative uncertainty. So, what can you do to minimise costs and […]

Top 10 Tools for Bike Riders

In these days of penny-pinching cutbacks, learning to keep on top of your own bike maintenance is a sure-fire way to reduce ongoing costs of being a bike rider. Taking on your own bike maintenance also reduces down time waiting for a service / mechanic. Here’s ten essential tools which will help keep your machine […]

2021 – Build Your Own Bike

In this modern world, where bikes of every type are squeezed through the industry marketing machine, there is still something to be said for building your own bike. Building your own bike is also a good distraction from the Covid 19 Pandemic, stresses of work life, or pretty much anything really. Wilier Cento 10 Air […]

What to do in 2021…

With magazines & websites packed with 2020 reviews and ways to ‘achieve your goals’ for 2021, it’s a good time to think about getting more enjoyment from your riding. Rather than goals or new years resolutions (which you can do anytime…), let’s look at options to keep your riding fresh for the new year. Now, […]

2020 Bike Storage Guide

With Black Friday done and dusted, did you succumb to temptation and add to you fleet of bikes? We’ve all been there at one time or another. “What’s that! Where’s that going to go?” That extra bike, bought on a whim. That too good to say no offer, which had you reaching for your wallet. […]

Off-Season Road Riding

Riding a bike in winter might seem a little daunting to new riders, however with the right clothing and a few accessories it really shouldn’t. Get the right ride clothing and a few tweaks to your bike to help face whatever winter can throw at you with confidence. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, […]

12 Months Tubeless

So, a year ago I decided to see what the rubbery fuss was about with tubeless tyres. It all sounded so appealing; Lower pressures providing more grip and comfier ride qualities, less weight, self healing punctures… Sign me up! Here’s how my venture into the world of tubeless went… Initial Install My Malt G1X gravel […]

Winter? On a Road Bike?

Don’t let the sunny days and the Tour De France on TV trick you, winter is on its way for the northern hemisphere. So as we start to approach the chilly months in this Covid-19 effected year, it’s almost time to battle the urge to close the shutters. Forget about hibernation, it’s time to think […]

Single Ringer?

One of the big talking points aside from tubeless tyres and sock length in the last few years has been 1X drivetrains. 3T’s stunning Strada road bike showed what could be done by manufacturers using the single front chainring / 1X platform. Many gravel bikes and even more mountain bikes come in 1X format. So, […]

Extend your Bike’s Life…

Spending a lot of time on your bike helps create a very special bond. Bikes have become even more important during the pandemic, nothing transports you whilst making you healthier and clearing your head like a bike. The best way to maintain that special bond is to keep your machine running at its best. Keep […]

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