Rochette has best Superprestige round of the season in Boom

Maghalie Rochette raced her best round of the Superprestige series in Sunday’s fifth contest in Boom, Belgium, earning seventh place on a technical course with off-camber sections, cobbles and steep climbs. Lucinda Brand continued her win streak, taking over the series lead from world champion Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado. Brand hasn’t finished lower than third […]

Maghalie Rochette signs with Rapha

Maghalie Rochette will have a brand new maple leaf jersey when cyclocross racing resumes. The Canadian champion signed a two-year contract with clothing brand Rapha. The Canadian national champion, Pan-American cyclocross champion and Jinglecross World Cup winner announced the deal with the functionally sartioral brand Friday. For Rochette, the brand has been part of her […]

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