How to sell your bike (or bike parts) online

There’s never been a better time than now to sell your used bike (or bike parts). Ongoing supply shortages are showing no signs of letting up and, at the same time, there’s been a boom in new riders. Selling in an online marketplace can be simple, if you make it easy. Here’s a quick guide […]

Canadian pro riders and their pets

The life of a pro cyclist can be hectic, balancing travel, training and home life. Just like the rest of us, though, many Canadian pros have the smiling face of a family pet to look forward to when they get home. Some of these pro’s pets travel on training camps, some are waiting at home […]

Ineos off-road? Tom Pidcock shares mountain bike testing

When Tom Pidcock announced he’d joined Ineos Grenadiers, the high-budget World Tour road team, it looked like that might be the end of his off-road ambitions. Then the British rider won an under-23 World Cup, under-23 world championships and, just for fun, eMTB world championships. All in less than two weeks. While Pidcock can’t wear […]

Reggie Miller joins USAC board of directors

There has been a big push for diversity and inclusion in all wings of cycling in 2020. While the idea hit the mainstream this year, Reggie Miller has advocated for the same for years. USA Cycling announced that the NBA Hall of Fame inductee is bringing that drive to its board of directors going forward. […]

Trek opens online bike sales in Canada

Online shopping is changing the bike industry. Even before 2020 gave us all incentive to shop from a distance, consumer habits were shifting. This change has historically been seen as putting traditional brick-and-mortar bike shops at odds with online retailers. Trek, who just launched its own ecommerce system in Canada, is looking to resolve that […]

Canadian BMX icon Drew Bezanson injured in car accident

Canadian BMX icon Drew Bezanson is stable, but serious condition following a car accident in Ontario. Updates on Bezanson’s condition are coming from his agent, Ryan Runke, on behalf of the rider’s family. In his latest update, Runke shared that Bezanson is undergoing surgery for multiple bone fractures, between his legs, ribs and jaw. Bezanson […]

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