5 sportives confirmed for 2021

Share this story If all goes to plan, severe COVID restrictions may become a thing of the past after 21 June when the Government has announced that restrictions should be lifted. With this in mind, and in the knowledge that events can start to take place before this with social distancing in place, we took […]

Gravel further 

Share this story Markus Stitz has worked on developing gravel routes in Scotland in Highland Perthshire, Argyll and most recently in the Cateran Ecomuseum (pictures in this blog are from there). He has also raced a gravel bike across the Tian Shan and discovered the advantages of swapping to a mountain bike for the Atlas […]

Is keto worth a go?

Share this story As far as diets go, the ketogenic variety has proved more popular than most; its low-calorie, weight management promise proving attainable and stickable for large groups of keto-philes. The core premise is weight control, but cleaner and often plant-based healthier eating also drive keto’s popularity. Beyond that, keto diets have been linked […]

A guide to virtual training and e-racing

Share this story We all know riding outside is ace, but the advancement of indoor riding technology has almost made riding inside…tolerable. The social aspect of these apps is also something to consider as the restriction on real-world group rides continues and many of us pine for the local thrash-fest with our mates. The good […]

Winter Cycling Hacks

Share this story I can’t remember a winter like this one since I moved to Edinburgh in 2009. Growing up in Germany as a child I was used to loads of snow between November and March, but in Edinburgh it has been rather rare to see the white stuff in town. The Beast from the […]

Should my next bike be an E road bike?

Share this story Cycling is probably more accessible than it has ever been before. With better infrastructure (although we still have a long way to go), more trails, more clubs and ever-increasing types of bike on the market, it has never been easier to pick up a bike and ride than the present. One such […]

Top Tips for Safe Winter Cycling

Share this story Winter cycling can be uncomfortable, and it can be treacherous. Many riders will think about the dangers of cycling on black ice or gritted roads and opt to stay home, training on turbos or rollers instead.  But for all the challenges that come with winter cycling, it can be one of the […]

Explore your boundaries

Share this story We are pushing up a steep, icy hill. While it’s still possible to find lines through snow and heather to avoid the icy paths, I start to question the likeliness of finishing this ride as planned. Mark and I are about 40 into a 110 km ride, and the most difficult part […]

Power Explained

Share this story Are you sick and tired of hearing your mates at the cafe stop talk about their normalised power, FTP and how many watts per kilo they are aiming for and having no idea what they’re talking about? Well fear not and fret no more – we will explain all! We’ll arm you […]

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