Gear Break: Samurai Bike, Dynaplug, KICKR Hardware, NASA Clothing, OSMO Nutrition and 25% Off Pegatin

Gear Break: New kit and a discount voucher: Scalatore Samurai – The latest super bike from Czech bicycle manufacturer Festka, the new Dynaplug Racer Pro, KICKR direct connect accessory allows for hardwired connections for newest KICKR, State Bicycles astronaut collection with NASA logos, OSMO Nutrition introduces blueberry pomegranate active hydration and get 25% off from […]

Wahoo Launches Its Most Accurate KICKR Yet

Like PEZ? Why not subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive updates and reminders on what’s cool in road cycling? Wahoo, the leader in workout apps and connected fitness devices, is excited to reveal the newest KICKR smart trainer. The fifth-generation KICKR improves on the legendary realistic ride feel that Wahoo riders prize, and also […]

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