Is RGT Cycling the new Zwift?

You may have recently seen other cyclists posting Strava rides that look like outdoor routes but are, in fact, virtual.  The riders may be using RGT Cycling (RGT stands for Road Grand Tours) a virtual cycling app with some interesting features. Unlike Zwift, the most popular indoor cycling app, RGT free to join—but is it worth […]

7 items that will level up your trainer rides

Consciously or unconsciously, your indoor trainer trainer setup will make a huge difference in your motivation. You’re not going to have a great time if you have to ride in an uncomfortable, poorly circulated space, frequently unclipping and losing focus. At this point in the indoor season you probably have an idea of what works […]

Which FTP test should you do?

Whether you’re starting a training program or checking in on your progress, one of the best ways to get an idea of your fitness is with an FTP test. What is FTP? FTP—functional threshold power—is the metric most indoor training programs use to build your training plans. The number, given to you in watts (e.g. […]

Zwift bans two cyclists for manipulated data

On Feb. 2, two riders, Antonina Reznikov and Selma Trommer, were banned from Zwift racing for alleged data manipulation. The cyclists will are barred from any official Zwift e-sports events for six months following a decision by the Zwift Performance Verification Board. Six month bans The Zwift Performance Verification Board found anomalies in the power […]

Zwift launches year-long Black Celebration series

Zwift has announced the launch of the Black Celebration Series (BCS), a year-long initiative the company says was created to, “celebrate the history, athletes, heritage, and joy the Black community brings to Zwift from around the world.” The series will kick off in February and run for 12 months. All BCS events will be held […]

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