7 Tips – Lightweight Bicycle Touring and Bikepacking

These are some insights into planning and executing a lightweight unsupported bikepacking or bicycle touring trip. How should you plan? What do you use for mapping? What kit do you take? Where do you camp? What are the pitfalls to avoid? My ‘7 Tips’ for bikepacking and cycle touring… 1 – Use Modern Mapping Technology […]

The 10 emotional stages of a big climb

Ups and downs are what make life exciting—the same can be said for ups and downs in cycling. When a non-cyclist asks you, “wait, you actually want to ride somewhere hilly?” and you reply “yes, those are some of the best rides!” what you probably don’t mention is how it feels to be mid-way through […]

5 ways being a gamer can help you on Zwift

Although Zwift brings an entirely new definition to e-sports, it tries to maintain some fundamental similarities to real cycling: Power to weight ratios still apply, hilly routes will feel harder and each bike performs differently. That being said, the online training/racing platform is very different from lining up in real life (as many pro cyclists […]

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