Review – Aeropress GO Portable Coffee Maker

When it comes to making coffee in the wild, the Aeropress has always been my preferred method. For bikepacking and bicycle touring trips it is the ultimate compact coffee maker. The new Aeropress GO is the brand’s innovation on the already superb design. The GO is smaller, lighter, and has some great functionality improvements. Let […]

Which FTP test should you do?

Whether you’re starting a training program or checking in on your progress, one of the best ways to get an idea of your fitness is with an FTP test. What is FTP? FTP—functional threshold power—is the metric most indoor training programs use to build your training plans. The number, given to you in watts (e.g. […]

Good Reads – ‘Africa Solo’ by Mark Beaumont

I have always been a fan of Mark Beaumont’s past documentaries and books. Both ‘The Man Who Cycled The World‘ and ‘The Man Who Cycled The Americas‘ were superb in their ability to showcase the beauty and captivating cultures seen on long distance bike rides. ‘Africa Solo’ is an equally interesting story, but in many […]

Bodyweight exercises cyclists can do at home

Cyclists looking to diversify their winter training this year will be disappointed to hear that gyms are still closed in many provinces due to COVID-19. At the start of the pandemic Canadian track cyclist Kelsey Mitchell, a world record holder and 2019 PanAm champion, also had to figure out how to adapt her off-the-bike training […]

The basic guide to thru axles

From mountain to road bikes, disc brakes are quickly becoming the norm these days and with them comes the thru axle. Thru axles allow for easier and more consistant alignment, which is important for disc brakes which need to be properly aligned in a narrow calliper. If you’ve looked into new wheels or if you’ve […]

Endurance Nutrition – Staying Fibre Fit

Dietary fibre is not something often talked about in sports nutrition; but it should be. Nine out of ten people do not get their recommended 30 grams of fibre each day; a problem that is often responsible for minor stomach discomforts, but also for more serious issues such as bowel cancer. In this blog post, […]

Can your electronic device run Zwift?

Zwift is, at its core, a video game. You might have a bit of trouble running it on your older computer, but there’s a chance that you have some type of electronic device that can handle the app. You have more options than you think—here are the Zwift compatible devices. 1. Computer The basics: To […]

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