5 excuses cyclists make when they get dropped

Riding with friends is all well and good, but sometimes your legs just don’t do what they’re supposed to when the ride gets harder than expected. On a particularly spicy part of the route, you fall off the wheel in front of you but you push to get back on. You’re right there—literally so close—but […]

How to get rid of an earworm on your ride

Long bike rides can do wonders for you mentally. There’s a meditative component to zooming along a country road—you take in the beauty of the countryside, smelling the fresh outdoor air as you cut through the wind and soak up some vitamin D. Your mind wanders casually from here to there. Nothing particularly sticks as […]

Review – Shift Up Custom Bike Thru-Axles

Thru-axles on bikes help to increase rigidity, strength, and performance compared to traditional quick-release axles. Thru-axles are becoming even more common on disc brake bikes because of the need for minimal flex in the hub area—to avoid disc rub. Recently though, I experienced a disconcerting and debilitating failure of a thru-axle. On a gravel ride, […]

Review – absoluteBLACK GRAPHENlube Bicycle Chain Lube

Can a bottle of chain lube ever be worth a 100 GBP expenditure? The new absoluteBLACK GRAPHENlube claims that yes, it can. The most scientifically advanced bicycle chain lube on sale today, this new graphene based dry lubricant can offer serious friction reduction, efficiency gains, and reduced component wear rates. Before I tell of my […]

Going tubeless? Here are a few tips and tricks

by Nick Di Cristofaro Modern cycling technology can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the recent trends in wheel and tire design. One trend that has become more prevalent is the usage of tubeless tires and wheels. This isn’t “new” technology but over the last few years, many tire and wheel manufactures have […]

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