Tricks for taking better photos of your bike

You spend enough time with your bike that it definitely deserves some space in your phone’s photo album. When you’ve recently cleaned it or upgraded a component, or even just when you’re feeling particularly attached to it, you may feel compelled to stage a nice photoshoot for your inanimate best friend. Nick Iwanyshyn is a professional […]

Winter tune-ups are the new spring tune-up

The spring tune-up is, for cyclists across Canada, always an exciting affair. It signals an end to a cold winter of indoor trainer rides is approaching, as we all ready ourselves and our machines to return to the roads and trails of the real world. New tires, smooth bearings and clean hydraulic fluid are as […]

Top Tips for Safe Winter Cycling

Share this story Winter cycling can be uncomfortable, and it can be treacherous. Many riders will think about the dangers of cycling on black ice or gritted roads and opt to stay home, training on turbos or rollers instead.  But for all the challenges that come with winter cycling, it can be one of the […]

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