How to hack any bike into a Peloton bike

Peloton, the massively popular indoor spin bike company, has been branching out in its products. The Peloton app, which doesn’t require the pricy Peloton bike, has a variety of fitness class offerings. Priced at $12.99/mo after a two month free trial, the app is full of guided exercise classes in disciplines such as strength, yoga, […]

7 Tips – The Ultimate Bike Cleaning Routine

Riding is tough on bikes… sand and mud grind away at components; water washes away grease and lubricants; road salt eats metal parts. The only solution is regular bike cleaning. Your wallet and your sanity will thank you for it in the long term—components will last longer, and your bike is less likely to adopt […]

Veganuary: Chasing the carrot

Share this story With a new year comes a fresh start and a potential repetition of goals to aim at once again. This year, Veganuary has kicked off 2021 with a record number of people signing up. Some time ago we published a guest blog on milk and whether we should think twice about taking […]

The best Canadian cycling challenges of 2020

It was a year of personally motivated goals and challenges. Some cyclists chose to take some time off this bike, others, such as essential workers, were forced to reduce their training. For some, this year presented a unique opportunity to try something new, exciting and maybe a little stupid. There were Everests, long rides and […]

12 From 12 – Photo Highlights of 2020

Twelve photos to reflect on twelve months of a quite different and challenging year. There have been no races, events, multi-week tours or distant destinations in 2020; yet here are twelve images that showcase a year that has still been fun and enjoyable in many ways… January January – The Kona Sutra Ltd arrives, in […]

Bottom bracket work that you can do at home

by Nick Di Cristofaro The bottom bracket (BB) is where your engine, legs that is, connects and transmits force to propel your bike forward. Every bicycle has a BB. The part often seems surrounded in confusion because of different types (and the litany of noises and creaks that come from them). There are two basic […]

What to do in 2021…

With magazines & websites packed with 2020 reviews and ways to ‘achieve your goals’ for 2021, it’s a good time to think about getting more enjoyment from your riding. Rather than goals or new years resolutions (which you can do anytime…), let’s look at options to keep your riding fresh for the new year. Now, […]

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