Topeak Mini Dual mini pump

The Topeak Mini Dual is a bare bones, basic pump with one clever trick up its sleeve – it pumps air on both the in and the out stroke. For its size it’s efficient and the action is smooth, but for high-volume mountain bike tyres it’s just a little bit too slow.

The Mini Dual is built from a mix of aluminium and a dual-density polymer – aka plastic – with the former making up the main barrel, and the latter sorting out everything else.

It’s a proper no-frills pump. There’s no gauge or auto-selecting valve head (though there is a version with a gauge for £22), but as it delivers air both while compressing the pump and extending, it’s able to deliver nearly twice the volume while staying short and slim.

2020 topeak mini dual extend.jpg

In true Topeak fashion it’s put together very nicely, with just a smidge of wobble when at full extension. The polymer sections have lovely tactile feel thanks to raised, grippy bumps.

2020 topeak mini dual lock.jpg

It’s got a bit of a paddle for a lock lever, but like the rest of the pump, it feels super sturdy.

I like the old-school valve selection via a rubber chuck, as it’s always very reliable. To change from Presta to Schrader, you simply unscrew the head, flip the rubber chuck, and screw it back together. There you go. It works every time.

2020 topeak mini dual head.jpg

Inevitably the Mini Dual isn’t the most efficient, even with the dual action, though it’s relatively easy to use and not too fatigue-inducing, thankfully. If you want a small Topeak purely for inflating large volume tyres, I would recommend something a bit more serious, such the Mountain TT G.

2020 topeak mini dual logo.jpg

If you’re just starting out, or on a budget, the Topeak Mini Dual is a good, solid option. For the money, you’re getting a well built pump that’s more efficient than most in its price range, but there are more efficient pumps about if you’re willing to part with some extra cash.

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